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Frontline to Boardroom: A conversation with Martin Brooker

People, leadership, coaching, war stories, lessons learned and so much more - my recent chat with keynote speaker and leadership coach Commodore Martin Brooker (retired) to chat on his podcast Frontline to Boardroom had it all. 

We talked about my time in the Air Force, my transition to civilian life and how I found myself coaching CEOs and executive leaders, helping them navigate organisational growth and the challenges of modern business

Frontline to Boardroom Clifford Morgan

Martin Brooker's podcast Frontline to Boardroom shares the leadership lessons from people who have served their country in the military and how those have translated into success in the corporate sector.

When people know what it means to lead and the skills required, then we have the potential to create better workplaces and the capacity to achieve more.

Clifford Morgan Frontline to Boardroom

Here is what Martin had to say about our discussion… 


Many people view coaching as a critical leadership skill. Coaching is often seen as a way to help employees develop and grow, leading to better performance and higher morale in the workplace. 

In this episode of Frontline to Boardroom, I chat with Clifford Morgan, a veteran of service in the Royal Australian Air Force. What I loved about our conversation was Clifford's humility and the great satisfaction he gets in helping others achieve success and making a difference.

Cliff is now the Director of Lumian Consulting and doing great work in shifting the way leadership is being developed in organisations.

A great reminder that you don’t need to be in a leadership position to make a difference and help others.

You can listen in on our conversation:

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