Luminary Leadership and Team Development Expert

Cliff is passionate about seeing those he works with achieve success. With 15 years’ experience in the military, combined with the application of psychology, Cliff’s brings a unique perspective to clients. He is an experienced facilitator, speaker, coach and author.

Cliff firmly believes people are more brilliant than they realise, they just need a little help sometimes to realise it. He is passionate about helping leaders and their teams unlock their potential and perform at their peak.

Cliff has helped and equipped hundreds of leaders with the skills to effectively manage and lead people and transform them into great leaders. Cliff is an experienced speaker, facilitator, author and thought leader on leadership, organisational culture, and high performing teams.

Cliff’s Experience

After reconsidering his initial decision to pursue drama teaching, Cliff took a ‘gap year’ and joined the Air Force, five years later he returned to university to start his undergraduate degree in Psychology. Six years later, Cliff graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology and Masters in Organisational Psychology. Cliff also holds a Diploma of Organisational Coaching.

Cliff is experienced in the implementation following his role in implementing the Royal Australian Air Force’s Leadership Coaching Program.

A dynamic speaker, Cliff seamlessly weaves psychological science through engaging stories ensuring he both educates and entertains the audience. His ability to clearly articulate powerful principles guarantees those that hear him speak walk away with practical steps to apply to make them more effective at work, more influential as a leader and more fulfilled in life.

Would you like to inspire your leaders and managers in your organisation to better develop their people, creating more great leaders, then maybe you should consider getting Cliff to come and speak at your next event.

Choose from one of Cliff’s signature keynotes, or ask for customisation:

Leaders to Luminaries: The Five Key’s to Luminary Leadership

luminary is a person of prominence or brilliant achievement in their field. They are a high performer, recognised as one who has achieved significant results over a sustained period. Luminaries are forward focused, often breaking new ground, continually seeking to improve and further their work and their broader profession. Luminary leaders are not only brilliant at what they do but lead in a way that helps others realise their own brilliance. They are leaders whose influence extends beyond the borders of their organisation, across their industry and into their community. These are the leaders we need now and into the future.

Sharpen Your Axe: Sustaining Performance Through Recovery

Drawing on the psychology and science of resilience, wellbeing and performance, this presentation highlights what staff can do to stay sharp and maintain performance at work amidst today’s pressures. This talk has been carefully created to educate, challenge, and inspire staff who will leave with a personal action plan designed to strengthen and empower them to not just survive but begin to thrive at work.

Shifting the Forces of Change: The Psychology of Leading Change

Newton’s laws of physics state that no change occurs without the application of force. These laws are just as true for people as they are for objects. The challenge for leaders is to shift the forces of change from external to internal, inspiring the intrinsic motivation to change. Exploring the psychology of change and practical strategies to help lead people on the adventure of change.

Speak up to Level Up: Creating a Common Language that Enables Team Performance

Teams encounter many challenges as they form, storm and norm on the way to high performance. To short-cut that journey, teams need a common language to discuss performance, to challenge barriers and hold each other accountable. Outlining key principles of the languages that high performance teams speak, this presentation inspires and challenges leaders and their teams to invest the time in intentionally creating their own language of team performance.

Consistency Builds Stability: Maintaining a Stable Foundation Amid Chaos

Recent years has pressed home the age-old truth that amidst chaos, that which is solid, stable, and immovable is not only attractive but necessary for us to survive. For leaders in such environments, it is the consistency they can provide their people that allows them to weather
the storm. Outlining the 5 different types of consistency available to leaders this presentation prompts leaders to think about what they can do to lay a stable foundation that enables their people to not only survive in chaos but thrive in it.