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Clifford Morgan

The Coaching Leader

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Essential skills to enhance your leadership and develop your people every day

Most leaders aren’t equipped to lead in the way they need to in today’s environment. In a world that is increasingly dynamic, leaders need to not only navigate uncertainty, complexity, and change, but they must develop the ability to be adaptable in their people. It is the ability of people and teams to learn, unlearn and relearn in response to the changing environment that ensures the success of an organisation today and into the future. It is the leader’s role to develop this capability. Traditional leadership development - if leaders have received such training - focuses on developing the skills of the individual leader. It doesn’t equip or empower leaders to develop skills and capability effectively or efficiently in others. The secret to doing just that is found in this book.

The Coaching Leader is someone who uses coaching skills as an integral part of how they lead people. Equipped with the same skills used by executive coaches worldwide, these leaders use these skills to carry out their day-to-day leadership tasks in a way that develops people. In this way they are developing their people and teams whilst they lead. These leaders are not only equipped to develop capability at the individual, team, and departmental levels, they equip and empower those they lead to develop others as well. The result are teams and companies filled with proactive, adaptive, and innovative leaders. The Coaching Leader is filled with insights, practical skills, plenty of stories and provides a blueprint for creating these types of leaders. The type of leaders your company needs today.